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7 Reasons Why People Trust ALL G Essentials

7 Reasons Why People Trust ALL G Essentials All G Essentials

Has the recent explosion of CBD products left you wondering how to find the best quality product for the money? Before you decide on a brand you buy, learn how to recognize a reputable CBD company by reading the reasons why people trust ALL G Essentials.

1. Vertically integrated supply chain

ALL G Essentials’ products are part of a vertically integrated supply chain, meaning that the entire process from seed and soil to purchase is performed by one company with an FDA-regulated manufacturing facility that is an ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED CBD MANUFACTURER and has GMP CERTIFICATION IN 21 CFR PART 111 AND 117. By carrying out the farming, extraction, distillation, remediation, formulation, and production by one group, ALL G can ensure that we meet our own high standards and that nothing in the supply chain is lost in translation. We know where our plants grow, use the finest equipment and processes, formulate with our in-house chemists, botanists, and medical director, even the labels, bottling, and some of the testing is done in our facility. 

2. Legalized hemp

Our 100% 2018 U.S. Federal Farm Bill compliant industrial hemp is hand-raised and grown in rich, North Carolina soil by generational family-owned and operated farms that are Members of the Growers Hemp Network and proudly support the North Carolina Industrial Hemp Association. Our products are protected by rigorous U.S. laws, and our hemp is cultivated, grown, and harvested in compliance with U.S. legal codes § 5940 and North Carolina General Statutes Article §106-568.50 et seq.

3. Controlled testing

Not all companies have impeccable standards, as detailed in this University of Pennsylvania study. Many companies only test their hemp plants once, prior to harvesting, which means that if the crop tests hot for THC (i.e., over the legal .3% dry weight limit), they’ll have to dump it–a costly disappointment. However, some disreputable companies ignore testing results and testing altogether, and the consumer ends up purchasing inconsistent products that are erroneously labeled.

Consumers should not have to worry about incorrect product labeling, false marketing claims, contaminants, and unregulated manufacturing processes. That’s why ALL G does the hard work upfront to ensure that all our life care products contain what they say on the label. We do this by having our hemp crop tested by third-party, external laboratories not just once, but all throughout the growing season, so we can be certain that our plants grow as expected and are in keeping with THC compliance. That way, our products’ potency, benefits, and efficacy remain consistent.

4. Quality ingredients

Our hemp plants are certified organic and guaranteed non-GMO. This means they do not contain GMO or recombinant DNA material, are not laboratory engineered, and pose no personal or environmental danger. All formulating agents are also non-GMO. In addition, all our products are guaranteed free of pesticides, chemicals, dyes, and any industrial solvents. ALL G Essentials prides itself on the purity of its products and has a strict policy of including the finest, all-natural ingredients in our formulations, like CBD, terpenes, ashwagandha, menthol, aloe vera, vitamins, and herbs.

5. Superior processing

Solvent extraction is a commonly used extraction method that risks leaving residual solvents in the product. That’s why ALL G does not use solvents in its extraction, instead using only naturally occurring liquid CO2 that carefully separates compounds and recovers and reuses 95% of the CO2 throughout the process–a clean method that protects the plant’s natural characteristics. The extracted product is then remediated using a cGMP compliant industrial-scale centrifugal partition chromatography that remediates any impurities, removes THC where appropriate, and is superior in its efficiency and its environmental and economic sustainability. In fact, the ALL G facility is one of only 3 in the U.S. to use the sophisticated equipment we employ to get the job done right.

6. Certificate of Analysis

If you want to know what’s in your product, the only way to find out is through a Certificate of Analysis, a.k.a. COA. Quality CBD sellers will provide customers this laboratory test result, which should tell you the batch number, testing date, and potency of a product, as demonstrated by the percentage of the cannabinoids and terpenes present in the batch. It should detail not only the ingredients found in your CBD product but also substances that shouldn’t be in your product, like THC, heavy metals, solvents, and pesticides.

ALL G takes the COA a step further, offering a Certificate of Analysis on the raw material product and a Certificate of Analysis on the finished product. The Certificate of Raw Materials explains the viability of the raw cannabinoids (CBD) prior to making the product and ensures the product is made from a quality crop. Then, after the product is manufactured, it is tested by a third-party lab to verify that it contains no contaminants and that the ingredients are in their correct percentages.

7. Varied selection 

Our hemp line includes a wide selection of products formulated to solve the most interesting formulation problems. We provide the right flavor, the right consistency, the right delivery method, and the most powerful combinations you’ve seen, plus there’s a little something for everyone. Whatever your experience is with CBD: Never tried it before? Looking to stock up on your favorites? You’ll find so many choices, from breath sprays, elixirs, and tinctures to pain relief creams, rollers, and balms to canned flower, pet products, and more. And if you haven’t checked out our product page in a while, chances are we’ve added a few new products for you.

Final Thoughts

CBD sales are booming, and a lot of stores are vying for your business. Just make sure that before buying any CBD products, you’re sure that the company you purchase from has the consumers’ best interests in mind and that its practices are legitimate and transparent. You want to make sure that you’re getting what you pay for and the benefits that you seek.