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Certificate of Authenticity

How to check

Each batch of ALL G product is tested by an independent laboratory that produces a Certificate of Analysis or COA, so you can see what’s in your product, how potent your product is, AND importantly, what’s not in your product– like contaminants and fillers.

To receive your personal COA reports:
1. Open the camera app on your phone
2. Position your phone so that the QR code appears in the viewfinder
3. Your phone will recognize the QR code and a notification will appear
4. Tap the notification and the link associated with the QR code will open to your COA

It’s that simple.

Certificate of Analysis (COA) - Test Results

Salmon Pet Tincture

2oz Sirloin Pet Gravy

6oz Sirloin Pet Gravy

Mint Breath Spray

Cinnamon Breath Spray

2400 Tincture

Tranquil-Z Sleep Gummies

Warm up Accelerator

Mixable CBD Elixir, Strawberry

Mixable CBD Elixir, Blueberry

Mixable CBD Elixir, Toasted Vanilla

Mixable CBD Elixir, Coconut

CBD Flower, Sleep, Electric Buffalo

CBD Flower, Focus, Stardust

CBD Flower, Calm, Stem Cell

Mixable CBD Elixir, Original

Pain Cream

1oz Pain Roller

2oz Pain Roller

3oz Pain Roller

CBD Balm, Forest Mint

Why Traceability Matters

Did you know that a 2017 University of Pennsylvania study shows that nearly 70% of CBD extracts sold online are mislabeled? After analyzing 84 products from 31 companies, only 30% contained the labeled amount (+/- 10%) of CBD. Some were also found to contain more than the federally legal <.3% THC, which could result in positive drug testing for unwitting consumers.

You want to know that you are buying a quality product with all the good stuff and nothing else. Today’s consumers care where their personal products and food come from, and with good reason. Poor product labeling, false marketing claims, contaminants, and unregulated manufacturing processes have inspired educated consumers to research the origins of the consumables they bring into their homes.

Historically speaking, hemp (and its CBD derivative) have only recently been legalized, and since then, many companies have entered the CBD mass-production industry. Not all of them have impeccable standards. Traceability means visibility into the process at every stage, from the farm to your home. At ALL G, we provide the finest-quality ingredients and potency, certified under Good Manufacturing Practice, AND we proudly present Certificates of Authenticity for every single batch, so you can have transparency and confidence.