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Breaking News: Tranquil-Z with the same powerful formula is now HALF the price.

Breaking News: Tranquil-Z with the same powerful formula is now HALF the price. All G Essentials

Through optimizations in our manufacturing process and recent raw ingredient savings, our introductory rate has been recalculated to save you more.

Tranquil-Z, released in October 2021, has been a wildly popular and successful addition to the ALL G Essentials product catalog. At $59.99 for a 30-day supply, “The orders just keep rolling in. Once people try Tranquil-Z for even one night, they’re committed to sleeping that comfortably every night,” says National Sales Director Chris Gatchis at ALL G. “Our ramp-up costs and our marketing costs are well below forecast because the product speaks for itself. Even our production costs are lower because we’re producing more Tranquil-Z ahead of schedule.” 

If you are among the nearly 70% of Americans who struggle with sleep, then you’ve probably tried a variety of ways to get the rest you need, from meditation to medication. We feel you. That’s why we created a better way to fall asleep naturally without the morning grogginess that often accompanies other sleep aids. Our in-house expert team at ALL G Essentials, including our Medical Director, botanists, chemists, lab technicians, and more, spent over two years perfecting the sleep support formulation for Tranquil-Z.

 With so many all-natural and organic sleep-promoting ingredients, we could barely fit them all into a gummy. This breakthrough, science-based, proprietary formula includes L-Theanine, clinically studied Passionflower, Melatonin, and other ingredients to support the human endocannabinoid system. People love this gentle and non-habit-forming blend that effectively promotes restful nights and refreshed mornings.  

Due to the high demand for Tranquil-Z, we recently optimized our supply chain and can now produce our sleep gummies at a lower price! We are passing the savings on to you, so you can experience the Tranquil-Z difference and get the restorative rest you deserve.   

Get a 15-day supply of Tranquil-Z for $19.99 or a full-month supply for just $29.99. That’s 50% off the original retail price.  

And, save 20% MORE when you subscribe. You’ll get a 30-day supply of Tranquil-Z delivered to your door every month for only $23.99, so you’ll never have to sleep without the all-natural powerful sleep support in Tranquil-Z. 

Get Tranquil-Z at our NEW low price today.